About Boshra

Boshra (بُشْرَى) (f.): good omen, good news, good tidings
Boshra Bagherpour was born in 1985 in Tehran, Iran. Political instability in the country soon forces Boshra and her parents to leave the country. The family settles in Belgium where Boshra has a positive and happy childhood, surrounded by love, colour and creativity. From a young age, Boshra looks up to her mother, Pari, who is a fashion designer with an exceptional talent for drawing and painting. Inspired by her mother’s creativity, Boshra soon starts creating her very first designs. From figures and patterns to fashion and accessories. As Pari passes away at an early age, Boshra’s passion fades and her sketchbook is stowed away. 
Years later, in her early 30’s, Boshra rediscovers her passion for designing and feels compelled to get back to her drawing board. Brand new designs flow through her sketchbook and come to life at her sewing machine. She follows a course in leathercrafting and pursues her biggest passion: handbags. In her improvised workshop at home she finishes her first official bag and names it Pari, in honor of her late mother. To this day, it is still her favourite model.
After Pari, more designs quickly follow and the instant success prompts her to develop her own namesake brand in 2020.